EXCLUSIVE: Howard Stern Photo Shoot

The King of All Media Howard Stern takes a break from his unparallelled SiriusXM satellite radio show to photograph Champion! Magazine’s new cover.

For more photos from the shoot and profiles of the models, download the Champion! Magazine app in the iTunes store here and then buy the latest issue!

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10 Responses to EXCLUSIVE: Howard Stern Photo Shoot

  1. Artheon says:

    Wow, I really expected more from HS. After listening to him talk about his photography on his radio show I thought he had a better understand of photography that is shown in these pictures. His photographs are either to high-keyed or low-keyed with absolutely no balance between highlights and shadows; if he used the pop-up flash on his camera he would have had the same results.. Also, there’s absolutely no depth of field utilized in any of the pictures that I can see in this video. Very disappointing and only proves that owning an expensive camera doesn’t make you a professional (even though you think it does.)

  2. Michael B says:

    Another hater going off on Howard. I don’t think anyone would have said a word about the pictures if it had been anyone else. Howard is a perfectionist. The photos have all the qualities of a pro shoot. “Artheon” is a jealous hater with a stupid nickname.

  3. Mia M says:

    Aces, I’m a geek gurl and love the outfits and settings. Why can’t geeks have a high end New York style mag. Love the pictures, and models. Howard has a beautiful eye and Ralph has style. Anyone that can put cap America and chewie in a penthouse suite with Emma Frost is a god, good work and good job love it boys!

  4. Artheon says:

    @Michael: I’m not a hater, I’m a huge fan of Howard (I listen to his show every day) and I think he’s extremely insightful on his radio show and I look forward to the realism I believe he’ll bring to America’s Got Talent. However, in this case I DON’T think he’s lived up to his own hype.

    • Banksy says:

      Dude relax.. Photography is a hobby for Howard. He already has a real job making millions. To be honest, snapping pictures doesn’t take much talent. And I feel sorry for guys like you who paid 30k a year to learn how to use an SLR!

  5. Artheon says:

    @Banksy, you’re right it doesn’t take much talent to snap pictures, but it does take talent to understand the concepts of photography and translate those to the real world. I’m not sure why you assumed I paid anybody anything to learn about photography.

  6. youtube does you no justice.

  7. toothey says:

    baba mother fucking booey

  8. D says:

    Howard does more with his side hobby than all haters do with their whole life. Respect the guy for putting himself out there and trying to jumo into other creative fields.

  9. Autie says:

    Howard’s photos are just fine. Give him a break, he’s only been at this a few months. He has the guts to put himself and his work out there for all to see and critisize. Howard is helping a friend out (Ralph) by shooting this for him with very little to be gained from it other than the experience. More power to you Howard, look forward to see more of your work.

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